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adam mini-brief

It was in 1935 when the brief was introduced in North America, more precisely in Illinois. The brief was similar to and inspired by the by then so popular jockstrap. This new type of underwear quickly became the most popular kind of undergarment for men in the USA. Three years after its introduction to the American market the brief was introduced to Europe. The brief became essential to the men’s wardrobe and since then worn by men for most daily […]


adam thong

Years and years before the jockstrap, trunk, brief and boxer short where introduced all men were wearing thongs. This oldest type of underwear in men’s history cannot be missed in the Adam series. Many thousands of years ago men already wore garments similar to the modern thong. The history of the thong starts as being an overgarment; one daily worn by our ancestors. During the many hundreds of years the thong changed into a classical undergarment. Nowadays the thong has […]


adam jockstrap

The Jockstrap was first invented in 1874 in Chicago and served as an inspiration for the brief’s creation a few decades later. This type of underwear was specially designed for bicycle-riding messengers and deliverymen. The practical uncovered buttock area gave comfort while riding your bike and made sure sweat to evaporate more easy. It quickly became the most popular undergarment worn by athletes of all kind. Still you will find many athletes, from ballet dancers to basketball players, wearing jockstraps, […]


adam trunk

The trunk, called after the body part this type of underwear partly covers and highlights, is the jersey and tighter variation to the woven boxer short. It is the perfect combination of a woven boxer short and a brief and therefore sometimes called a boxerbrief. Trunks are often worn by athletes instead of, or in combination with a jockstrap. Next to the brief and woven boxer short the trunk is one of the most popular undergarments in our modern society […]


adam boxer short

It was in 1925 the first boxer shorts where available for men. As its name implies this type of undergarment had its inspiration from the boxing sport garment, designed for full freedom of movement while boxing. Due to the introduction of the brief about ten years later it took a while for the boxer short to gain popularity. More than twenty years after its introduction the boxer shorts were as popular as the competitive brief. The boxer shorts are still […]


adam t-shirt

The name of the T-shirts simply comes from the shape of this garment’s outline. It started its history in the 19th century as an undergarment worn by men when the one-piece “union suit” underwear was separated into a top and a bottom garment. The T-shirt soon was adopted by dockworkers and miners as being a convenient covering top for hot environments. It did not take long when also sailors, marines and other militaries adopted the T-shirt as an overgarment. The […]