“Underwear is the base of every outfit and it is essential to give it extra attention”

Therefore the Dutch men’s wear designer Sjaak Hullekes created the underwear collection; Sjaak Hullekes Sensitives.

Sjaak Hullekes started his ready to wear line in 2007. Won the Mercedes-Benz Dutch Fashion Award in 2009 and opened Sjaak Hullekes brand stores in Arnhem (2011) and The Hague (2013). Next to his total look collection he now comes with Sjaak Hullekes Sensitives.

While it might seem to be a sudden change of direction in his career, it certainly is not. Sjaak Hullekes and his partner Sebastiaan Kramer have designed underwear collections for several established brands. Furthermore, in the beginning of their career they had their own underwear label together.

Now Sjaak Hullekes introduces the first series of Sensitives. The Classic, so called, Adam line consists of seven types of undergarments; pieces which are essential to a modern man’s wardrobe. The garments from the Adam line all have their own unique history, in some cases going back in time for over a thousand years. It is the history of these garments why those seven items became so important in this collection.

Sjaak Hullekes gave these historic items a modern twits, in its fit, workmanship and its fabrics. All pieces are designed to be the perfect base under many types of outfits and for all different occasions.

Sophisticated seduction

Sjaak Hullekes designed the garments to be classical items; practical but delicate. It is a first step in the revolution of men’s underwear in which the practical essence has been the only importance up to now. Sensitives undergarments are there to be practical but thanks to its perfect cut and delicate fabric it makes men’s underwear become seductive in its most sophisticated way.

The Adam undergarments are now available at the Sjaak Hullekes Online Store and Sjaak Hullekes brand shops in Arnhem and The Hague. For more retailers go to the Senstives website. Prices for the Sjaak Hullekes undergarments are starting at € 39,- up to € 61,- for a two-pack.

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