adam jockstrap

JOCK WHITEThe Jockstrap was first invented in 1874 in Chicago and served as an inspiration for the brief’s creation a few decades later. This type of underwear was specially designed for bicycle-riding messengers and deliverymen. The practical uncovered buttock area gave comfort while riding your bike and made sure sweat to evaporate more easy. It quickly became the most popular undergarment worn by athletes of all kind. Still you will find many athletes, from ballet dancers to basketball players, wearing jockstraps, due to its support, comfort and practical essence.

The Adam jockstrap is a so called ‘jock brief’; having a similar front as our mini-brief but with jock straps at the back. The jockstrap gives support to the crotch area and at the same time full freedom of movement.

The Adam jockstrap is available in basic white and navy colors, made in a light weight cotton piquet jersey fabric. A self fabric trimming and bite stitch along the crotch area gives this jockstrap a refined touch. The garment is finished with a Sjaak Hullekes logo print.

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photography: Kevin Rijnders

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