adam mini-brief

BRIEF WHITEIt was in 1935 when the brief was introduced in North America, more precisely in Illinois. The brief was similar to and inspired by the by then so popular jockstrap. This new type of underwear quickly became the most popular kind of undergarment for men in the USA. Three years after its introduction to the American market the brief was introduced to Europe. The brief became essential to the men’s wardrobe and since then worn by men for most daily occasions.

The Adam mini-brief is Sjaak Hullekes’ modern interpretation to this essential piece of underwear. Its low rise and tight fit to cover the intimate parts of a men’s body, at the same time it supports the back and front to create a perfect silhouette.

The Adam mini-brief is available in basic white and navy colors, made in a light weight cotton piquet jersey fabric. A self fabric trimming and bite stitch along the crotch area gives this mini-brief a refined touch. The garment is finished with a Sjaak Hullekes logo print.

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photography: Kevin Rijnders

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