adam tank top

TANK WHITEThis undergarment top is also known by its names singlet or A-shirt is a sleeveless variation to the T-shirt. Originally designed for athletes and as an undergarment to wear under your top or dress shirt the tank top nowadays is often worn as an overgarment for a casual look at warm summer days. Its name and shape come from the one-piece bathing suit worn by men around the 1920’s; the tank suit.

The Adam tank top has a slim fit, the sizes of its arm and neck openings create full freedom of movement. The tank top is designed to be worn perfectly underneath your Sjaak Hullekes shirt or when preferred as a single overgarment.

The Adam tank top is available in the basic white and navy colors, made in a light weight cotton piquet jersey fabric. The double layered yoke part and small bindings are giving the tank top its refined touch. The garment is finished with a Sjaak Hullekes logo print at its hem.

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photography: Kevin Rijnders

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