adam trunk

TRUNK WHITEThe trunk, called after the body part this type of underwear partly covers and highlights, is the jersey and tighter variation to the woven boxer short. It is the perfect combination of a woven boxer short and a brief and therefore sometimes called a boxerbrief. Trunks are often worn by athletes instead of, or in combination with a jockstrap. Next to the brief and woven boxer short the trunk is one of the most popular undergarments in our modern society for every day use.

The Adam trunk has a low rise and short leg. Unlike the other types of Adam jersey underpants the trunk has no elastics at its leg opening to create more freedom of movement. The trunk is a perfect alternative for those who prefer wearing boxer shorts as it shows less of a visible panty line than its woven ‘brother’.

The Adam trunk is available in basic white and navy colors, made in a light weight cotton piquet jersey fabric. A self fabric trimming and bite stitch along the crotch area gives this trunk a refined touch. The garment is finished with a Sjaak Hullekes logo print.

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photography: Kevin Rijnders

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